About Studio Palmano

Studio Palmano is a garden and landscape design practice based in the east end of London. Since 1997, we have been designing urban gardens, paying particular attention to the requirements of each client. We have an eclectic portfolio and take pride in our motto

individual projects for unique clients

We do not use a formulaic or modular design approach, instead, each space is tailored specifically to the needs and desires of the people using it. With this ethos, we have completed many projects in collaboration with architects, designers and artisans, resulting in distinctively bespoke gardens.

Our plant designer, Jill Palmano, believes in the naturalistic use of plants in design and practices succession planting, which reflects the natural cycles of the seasons and provides year round interest. She also has a ‘save the’ bee in her bonnet and includes pollinating plants in all of her schemes.

“To sit within a flower garden in Central London, teaming with honey and bumble bees, hover and dragonflies is a privilege, a precious thing for us city dwellers.”

The Studio Palmano mission is to create unique, beautiful and peaceful gardens within a busy, urban environment. Not just another ‘outside room’ but a place of contemplation and a calming retreat from city life.